No refunds will be given under the following circumstances: 

1) Failure to complete course requirements, including attendance, on a timely basis.  Students MUST attend the first day of class for Segment 1.  All About Driving makes “best efforts” to provide make-up times for missed attendance but cannot guarantee the availability of such.  All About Driving makes “best efforts” to offer driving slots that are convenient to customers’ schedules but cannot guarantee the availability of such.  Segment 1 activities must be completed within three weeks of the last day of class.  Segment 2 activities must be completed on the scheduled calendar.  There are no make-ups for Segment 2.

2) Withdrawal after the commencement of class or “no-showing” for scheduled instruction.  All About Driving makes “best efforts” to send e-mail reminders, but it is still the responsibility of the customer to know their instruction dates and times.  

3) Students are deemed to be ineligible for class.  All About Driving makes “best efforts” to validate students’ eligibility but cannot guarantee pre-screening for ineligibility.  For example:  If we pre-enroll a student based on verbally provided birthdate or permit information, or a statement that a student meets the vision requirement and it turns out that that information is inaccurate or fails the eligibility check, we reserve the right to not refund the customer.

4) Failure to complete due to unacceptable conduct.  See contract addendum for details.


Refunds will be processed in full if a class/service is canceled by All About Driving or if customer requests refund of any deposit or prepayment for course fees within three (3) business days before class start date..  All About Driving reserves the right to reschedule, adjust locations, or change instructors for classroom or Behind the Wheel instruction without penalty.