• All About Driving provides driver education. Our program is certified by the State of Michigan.
  • Our primary objective is to qualify teenagers to get their Michigan driver’s licensing certificates while delivering superior- quality instruction at a competitive price.
  • We offer both Segment 1 and Segment 2 courses needed to get “Level 1” and “Level 2” licenses. 
    • Segment 1
      • Regular weekday class schedule: 4 days a week,  2 hours per day, over three weeks.  Six hours of hands-on driving.   Fee: $300.
      • Two daily class time options from May 6th to the end of the summer. 
      • PLEASE NOTE:  While prepayment is not required in order to register, enrollments can be “guaranteed” only by making a prepayment.
      • Minimum age:  14 years and 8 months.
    • Segment 2
      • Class schedule:   Friday through Sunday, 2 hours per day, over three days.  Fee: $50.
      • Requirements:  Minimum of 90 days on Level 1 License; 30 hours of supervised driving
  • Custom Programs:  We can put together programs customized to your schedule and needs. For example, we have done special weekends-only, and morning programs for non-traditional students such as home-schoolers. Call us to let us help tailor a program for you.
  • Group discounts:  Join a Segment 1 program with your friends and family.  Enroll with your group of 4 or more and each member will get a free Segment 2 class. Call us to let us know about your group.
  • General:  Many of our customers are over 18 who choose to take a class, are of any age taking a driving skills refresher such as for road test preparation, or just want an evaluation.

PHILOSOPHY:  In addition to basic driving skills, we emphasize safe driving attitudes and behaviors. Selecting a driving school is one of many important decisions a parent and teen may make. Driving by nature has an element of risk, which is why our mission is:     “All About Driving” –  Safely

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click here to print the Segment 1 Student Registration Packet.
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